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Tracy is a Childhood Trauma Recovery Coach and a Personal Holistic Chef for heart-centered retreats, workshops, and events. She is also a full-time nomad traveling around the PNW in her fully converted home on wheels.  Tracy is passionate about healing our collective world by empowering women with the tools to heal themselves and take their lives back.

Tracy helps her clients to heal from child-hood trauma through deep self-love, both as a Coach and a Holistic Chef.  Her passion for food and healing runs deep.  Sharing a love of food and cooking with her father as a child was the light in a dark, trauma filled childhood. She went on as an adult to passionately deep-dive into many areas of our current day food system so she could truly understand it's negative impacts on our health, culture, and environment.

Tracy took a bold step to leave her full-time corporate job, managing the food and nutrition department for a well known PNW hospital system, 5 years ago when she could no longer deny that her soul and heart was begging for deeper and more impactful work.  Little did she know, this choice would change the trajectory of her life forever.  It was this one small shift that opened doors and created space for her to identify her own need for deep emotional, spiritual, and physical healing from her childhood trauma. 

Since then, Tracy has spent many years healing from her own trauma, while focusing on the most important relationship in her life, the one with herself.  She has come to deeply understand the value of unconditional self-love when it comes to the potential for her life, happiness and health.  


Tracy created Rising Warrior Collective as a platform to blend together her extensive knowledge of food as medicine with her passion for helping her clients to slow down and create space to heal from their childhood trauma.  She believes deeply that we must stop compartmentalizing our healing processes and instead embrace modalities that address our emotional, spiritual, and physical needs in unison. 

Tracy helps her clients to understand how their trauma, when not addressed, can

remain stuck in their bodies. When combined with the Standard American Diet

(SAD) and a culture overflowing with stress and anxiety, we have created the

perfect breeding environments for depression, mental health conditions, autoimmune conditions, cancer, and heart disease.  But when equipped with support, the right information, and tools; she believes every single one of us has the ability to heal and take back our lives.

For the first time in her life, Tracy is showing up unapologetically, taking up space in the world, and using her voice to heal.  She is living out her own life-long dream of living in a fully converted van while traveling around the PNW.  She works remotely with her coaching clients and provides high-vibe personal chef services for heart-centered retreats, workshops, and events. 

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