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Hi, I'mTracy


Feel it. The thing you don’t want to feel. Feel it, and be free. — Nayirrah Waheed


Welcome! Out of all the places you could have visited online, I’m so glad you found your way here. 


I’m a childhood trauma recovery coach who specializes in complex cases of PTSD and ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics). If you’re a survivor of severe family dysfunction, I’m here to join you in your healing journey — no matter what stage you’re at — so you can reclaim your past and begin to freely engage with the world around you.


First, a little about me. 


I was born into a dark, trauma-filled homelife, one that no child should have to endure. The moments I got to cook with my father were glimmers of light in the midst of heavy darkness. 


These moments with food led to years of farming in sustainable agriculture and eventually a career as a professional chef.


After being hired to manage the nutritional department at a major Pacific Northwest hospital, I witnessed firsthand the negative impact that the Standard American Diet (SAD) was having on patients — a diet promoted by our supposed “healthcare” system. 


With no plan, I walked away from my corporate job (and the security it provided) in search of something more.


I still believed food had the power to heal, but it no longer felt like enough. I could feel the trauma living in my body, but also in the thoughts that ran on a loop in my head. My wounds ran deeper than diet alone.


In trying to avoid the pain of the past, I began to develop food cravings (addictions) that contained vast amounts of fat, salt, and sugar. I later learned that these foods were temporarily providing me with a sense of calm, easing the lingering effects of trauma that I was living with on a daily basis. 


These foods in excess create the perfect environment for eventual disease — depression, anxiety, autoimmune conditions, cancer, and heart disease. 


Yet when I started to break down the word disease, I found a different definition than what my formal training had provided: the lack of something necessary. The outcome of childhood pain. 


Disease is quite literally the result of a body experiencing un-ease, which leads to a body that does not function properly.


This realization led me into an extensive period of research, as I (somewhat desperately) hunted for a connection between the trauma I experienced and my relationship with food.


Finally, two epiphanies emerged:


First — Your body does not know the difference between a memory and something that is actually happening. 


So when you recall old memories from a traumatic past (or when they smack you in the face out of nowhere), your body thinks the memory is happening now.


It cannot decipher the difference between what happened in your life decades ago and the memories that are assailing you. Even if you are perfectly safe in the moment, your body will still react as if you are in physical or psychological danger, leading to dis-ease.


That’s how powerful your thoughts are.


But here’s the good news (epiphany number two): 


Your body wants to heal itself. Its default setting is to support you. 


Your body’s set point is to thrive. 


Unaddressed trauma simply gets stuck in your body — impeding the healing that is your birthright.


This connection was my “aha” moment. It pushed me to complete my formal training as a certified coach for IAOTRC (International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaches) and create Rising Warrior Collective in 2017 — a holistic healing program that is as unique as each client is unique.


My trauma-informed training combines the healing power of food with the rewiring of thoughts.


Although there are many sources of pain, my clients tend to have the following thoughts in common:


  • “I feel out of control of my mind and/or body”

  • “I feel wronged or enraged by those who hurt me when I was vulnerable”

  • “My body does not feel in sync with my mind” 

  • “I feel disjointed and compartmentalized”


Through careful modalities designed with your utmost safety in mind, I will work with you to mine the past for meaning and determine what stories are causing your current triggers. 


My own healing began the day I accepted myself and those who had hurt me — the day I gave up the fantasy of a better past and reclaimed the experiences where I once felt I had no control. I often think of the child who endured my past life, and every day I promise to take care of her. 


Today I live a life I couldn’t have envisioned for myself 20 years ago. I live and travel around the country in a fully-converted van, working with my clients in a remote space — one that is sacred and safe.


I would love to meet you there.

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