• Tracy Jenkins

Your Soulmate Is Closer Than You Think!

YOU are the key to your best relationship. Stop looking for your knight and shining armor, take back your power and fall madly in love with yourself.

What if YOU are the one thing standing between you and everything you want - success, joy, creativity, love, travel, community, freedom and passion.  What if all you had to do to get out of your way was to make YOU the priority of your life.  What if falling madly in love with you and your life was the key to opening the door to a world you’ve always imagined? What if you stopped looking for and expecting others to give you the things you desire, took back your power and gave those things to yourself?

What if you’re spending your days, weeks, months or maybe even years sitting on the sidelines waiting for your hero to show up before you can start living your life and what you're expecting never shows up?  Are you willing to take that gamble?

Stepping into our feminine power is an unconventional way of thinking in our Disney princess, fairytale society. As women we are taught to seek out our one single knight and shining armor so he can be the one to "save" us, fulfill our deepest desires and dreams, and become our EVERYTHING in order to achieve "happily ever after." But what if everything that Disney taught us as little girls and young women is a load of shit?!?

We are taught to believe that the key to our happiness is in the hands of this imaginary person and until we find them we are POWERLESS. We allow our joy and happiness to become contingent on the person standing (or not standing) beside us.

Whatever it is that you’re looking or waiting for another person to give to you, whether it be a romantic dinner, a bouquet of wildflowers, a trip to Bali, a change in lifestyle, or a mind blowing sex life; I challenge you to look in the mirror and ask yourself, “What is stopping me from giving this to myself?” Yes, even the mind blowing sex life!

What if you stopped giving away your power to this imaginary person, stopped waiting and instead decided to be your own soulmate? Right now, right where you are!

I remember my “what the hell are you waiting for?” moment like it was yesterday.  It was 3 years ago and at that point I had been dreaming about buying a van and transitioning into a mobile life for as long as I can remember.  I dreamed about downsizing, starting my own business, and working remotely so that I could spend my life the way I wanted to, traveling and adventuring. But all that my monkey brain (my ego) could think about was....

-What if the van breaks down, you don’t know the first thing about working on a van!

-It’s unsafe to travel alone as a woman.

-You'll never find a partner that way, they'll all think you're crazy!

-You need a partner to help you drive and navigate.

-You'll be lonely doing this ALONE.

-Your friends and family will think you're crazy.

And I listened for a long time. I continued to wait for the right person to come along so I could finally feel complete and whole enough to start my dream life. All the while, feeling stifled, weighed down and void of creativity. My soul begging for more meaningful work, less stuff, fewer bills and more life experiences. But I continued to allow my old belief system of not having a partner and not feeling adequate enough stand in the way of my dream.  

I believe the universe sends us messages in many different ways. Mine came in the form of a YouTube #Vanlife video at 2 am, about a 30 year old woman who decided to throw all the rules (and her limiting beliefs) out the door. After years of dreaming of a mobile life, she finally said "screw it," I'm tired of waiting and watching everyone around me live their lives while I continue to wait for the right moment to live mine. Just like that she made a choice and started - one small step at a time.

By the end of that 22 minute video I knew my life was about to change, in a huge way!  That was my moment and I decided I wasn't going to ignore it. That night I asked myself, “Tracy, what is stopping you from giving this to yourself?”  “What the hell are you waiting for." There was no knight and shining armor that was going to hand me my happiness because that power could only come from within me.

I knew in that moment, If I wanted it as bad as I said I did then I would have to do this for myself.  And that night I decided that I would. Just like that...

Well, in reality it wasn't “just like that,” because big shifts (mindset, emotional and life) like that don’t happen overnight (no matter how much instagram wants you to believe they do).  I did however begin right away to ask myself some important questions about my life, my happiness and my future. I needed to uncover my WHY.

-Why do YOU want this?

-What are YOU craving in your life?

-What’s going to bring YOU joy and passion?

-What do you want YOUR life to look like?

-What makes YOU happy?

-Are YOU willing to take scary steps alone in order to create the foundation for YOUR life?

-Are YOU willing to stick it out when it gets really hard?

-Are YOU ready to take back your power?

Are you seeing a theme here? The foundation of your best life is YOU!

I took some time alone and really sat with these questions and answered them from the most loving space in my heart and I found my WHY.  I realized that everything I wanted, desired and dreamed about was possible and I had the power to give it to myself. I no longer had to wait for the stars to align.  But I did have to decide.

So here I am 3 years later and after a lot of inner work (I mean A LOT!), I have the van, I started the business and I'm continuing to step fully into my life. I'm taking baby steps towards the life of my dreams. I'm listening and trusting my heart. I'm growing stronger in my belief that I am worthy of love and happiness. I want you to know that you are too!

If you are waiting for someone or something to show up in order to to start fulling living your life than I challenge you to step into your power. Stop looking externally and start looking inside yourself.  Find some time in a quiet space to sit down and ask yourself those same questions, and then ask “what’s stopping me from giving myself all the things I desire.”

What is stopping you from being your own SOULMATE?

xoxo - Tracy

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